Wednesday 25 October

08.30–13.30 Registration open

08.30-9.30 Briefing for youth project. Room: Skattkammaren

09.30–12.30 Interactive parallel thematic meetings

  • Sustainable Development Goals in local & regional setting. Euroregion Baltic, CPMR BSC, Karlstad, Växjö. Followed by Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. CDP. Sustainable Cities Commission.Room: Karl Birger Blomdahl salen. Follow live atänk till annan webbplats
  • How can cities work with digital start-ups and digitalization? BDF & UBC. Room: Ateljén
  • Baltic Sea cities as leaders of comprehensive cooperation between the EU and the Black Sea region. WiseEuropa Institute. Room: Aniara
  • Data collection principles for civil protection prevention activities. Together we can. Safe Cities Commission. Room: Speglarnas sal

12.00–13.30 Mayor's lunch, chaired by the host city Växjö, with a keynote on importance of participation of Mayors and political representatives in regional Baltic Sea cooperation and UBC activities. Personal invitations will be issued to participating Mayors, deputy Mayors and political representatives as well as other guests. Restaurang Teaterparken

12.30–13.30 Lunch for participants in the foyer of the concert hall

13.30–15.00 Plenary Session 1: UBC 25th Anniversary session (plenary session). Room: Christina Nilsson Salen. Follow live atänk till annan webbplats

A festive session devoted to the achievements of the UBC in the service of its cities and the region, as well as to the central role of cities in promoting European values and cooperation.

Detailed information of program 13.30

Adoption of a pledge/appeal.

15.00–15.30 Coffee and mingle

15.30–17.30 Plenary Session 2: Leadership for the Future – Cities as Leadersfor Glocal Sustainable Development. Room: Christina Nilsson Salen. Follow live atänk till annan webbplats

Key note statements on leadership by cities in various fields of life by invited experts and mayors/city representatives. Interaction with the participants.

Detailed information of program 15.30

Interaction with the participants.

18.30 Departure by buses to Kosta for "Hyttsill", buses outside Växjö konserthus / Växjö concert hall. Dress code: casual.

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