Friday 27 October

09.00 –12.00 Study visits to choose between, arranged by Växjö Municipality, meeting point outside main entrance of the Concert hall.

12.00 – Departure of participants

Study visits

During this fourth conference day you have the opportunity to experience Växjö the Greenest City in Europe even more. Växjö Municipality present five different study visits to choose between.

9.00-12.00 Art, lake, energy – Walking excursion (5 km)

Join a walking excursion around the beautiful lake Växjösjön close to Växjö city center. During the tour you will learn more about innovative environmental solutions such as Växjös well known lake restoration project, about renewable energy production and see some multi-family low energy, houses build by wood. In addition you will have the chance to enjoy some of the public art installations around lake Växjösjön. Bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

Människor på guidad tur runt Växjösjön.

9.00-12.00 The modern wooden city – Bus tour

Join this bus tour and stop to look at different multi-family buildings build by wood. Växjö’s focus on wood construction is a dedicated initiative to promote wood as an environmental friendly, energy efficient and lasting construction material which is in broad supply in the Kronoberg region. The visit will give an introduction and a background to Växjö's focus on urban development program with wood focus, introduce the wood construction strategy, demonstrate cooperation with industry and research institutions and also show some interesting examples of wood building initiatives.   

Lägenheter vid sjön Trummen.

9.00-12.00 Sustainable development in education – Presentation and inspiration

Get inspired by an educational initiative introducing environment and sustainable development for primary school in Växjö. The visit will give guidance on how the system works and present examples of training modules for water, energy and waste management. During the visit we will acknowledge the important of cooperation between different actors and how important those are to develop and maintain a sustainable society. The study visit will be held by teachers involved in the programme “Sustainable Steps”.  

Children on a study visit wearing helmets

9.00-12.00 District heating by biofuel – study visit at Växjö Energy

Join this seminar and study visit to the Växjö’s bio-fueled district heating plant “Sandviksverket”, which produces district heating, cooling and parts of electricity supply for the whole city of Växjö from forestry residues. District heating was introduced in Växjö already in the early 1980th and now more than 35

years later, larger part of the heat production comes from this facility. A few years ago, the plant introduced producing district cooling with a new technique called absorption cooling. This new facility has reduced the demand for electricity. Maximum 15 persons. 

VEAB vid sjön Trummen.

9.00-12.00 Migration, integration, challenges and opportunities

Join a study visit to learn more on how Växjö is dealing with the large influx of migrants that has arrived in our city the last few years. Getting the newly arrived migrants integrated to the labor market is a significant challenge which involves various actors in the society.

During this visit you will get an insights in how Växjö, neighboring Municipalities and the Regional Authorities cooperates to approach this challenge. The study visit will be at Elvagården where you will meet actors from projects involved.

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