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Länsstyrelsen har beslutat om eldningsförbud i Kronobergs län. Det råder extrem hög brandrisk i skog och mark.

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Children and adolescents

Overall objectives

A safe, secure childhood and personal development

The Municipality of Växjö aims to provide children and adolescents with a good standard of living. They have the right to a safe, secure childhood as well as the opportunity for personal development.

They must be acknowledged and respected by all sectors of municipal activity. All decisions made at committee and board level are to be examined from a child's perspective. All children are considered equal, and should enjoy the same rights and opportunities, regardless of who they are and where they live.

We aim to make the Municipality of Växjö an attractive option for young people, as well as families with children and adolescents. We intend to provide good childcare, a varied choice of educational opportunities, desirable residential environments, and a broad selection of cultural and leisure activities.

Children and adolescents are to be treated with respect. They should also have the opportunity to exert influence. Everyone has the right to develop based on their own abilities. We aim to safeguard the commitment, creative ability, and critical thinking of our children and adolescents.


The equality of our children is to be respected

  • The equality of each individual child is to be respected, in matters affecting children.
  • The consequences for children are to be analysed in all areas where children are affected.
  • Children and young people are to be treated as competent individuals.
  • Moreover, they should be respected, and allowed to participate in decisions affecting them.

In order to safeguard and reinforce the rights and interests of children, the following measures apply:

  • Reinforcing strategic work in this area by applying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Providing support to parents.
  • Fostering the physical and mental health and development of our children.
  • Eradicating physical and mental violence against children.

Follow up

Measuring change

  • The child poverty index, divided according to gender, and whether born abroad or in Sweden.
  • The proportion of children and adolescents in need of support from the social services.
  • The impression children and adolescents have of their own health and drug habits.
  • The number of child-impact analyses per area of activity.
  • The number of direct meetings with adolescents.

Other follow-up

The 'Lupp' survey – Adolescents' perceptions of their situation aremeasured in the 'Lupp' survey. The abbreviation 'Lupp' refers to the local follow-up of youth policy


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