We aim to create a living, thriving democracy in which there is respect for human rights, and where our citizens have the opportunity to shape and influence events.

Individual citizens should be given more opportunities to actively participate; it is crucial they make their voice heard.

However, in order to participate in the democratic process, it is important our citizens have an insight into the municipality's activities. With this in mind, Information from Växjö Municipality should be clear and easy to understand for everyone.

We aim to create conditions whereby our politicians and civil servants are accessible to our citizens – and where all communication is made in a spirit of openness and dialogue. Besides traditional methods, we intend using new means of communication to improve dialogue with our citizens, and encourage participation. By listening to, and acting on, our citizens' points of view and complaints, we believe we can provide an even better level of service.


Openness and dialogue

Openness, participation, integrity, freedom of speech, and the rule of law are basic requirements in order for an individual to participate in, and have confidence in, the municipality.

Our citizens should not only be able to exert influence over the municipality during elections, but also in other ways. By providing good information, and encouraging participation and dialogue, we hope to give our citizens the opportunity to influence and engage in the municipality's activities and future development. All information is to be easily accessible.

Discrimination is prohibited in all sectors of the municipality.

Follow up

Measuring change

Participation in elections. Divided according to gender and whether born in Sweden or abroad.

Survey of citizens – results on the following points:

  • Summary of influence satisfaction index.
  • Response and accessibility index.
  • Index gauging information and openness.
  • Index gauging confidence in the municipality.
  • Index gauging opportunity to exert influence.

Other follow-up

The number of direct meetings and participants.

The number of areas discussed, the number of questions, and the number of respondents in the citizen panel's surveys.

The number of citizen's proposals submitted.


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