Overall objectives

Everyone should be able to live according to the same conditions

Växjö Municipality aims to create a society whereby everyone is treated equally, and lives according to the same conditions. All people are to be accepted and respected for the person they are. All disabled people are to be given the same opportunities to take part in all sectors of society.

They should have the same right as any other person to a safe, secure childhood, personal development, education, work, and the opportunity to pursue a life rich in culture and leisure pastimes. Insofar as this is possible, everyone should have the right, based on their own ability, to determine the course of their own lives and live an independent life.

Disabled people have the same rights and obligations as others. However, shortcomings in the environment can be seen as obstacles. The municipality bears a special responsibility for individual initiatives regarding the disabled. All support programmes introduced for individuals are intended to promote an independent, meaningful, and autonomous life.


Taking action against shortcomings in accessibility

  • Providing everyone in society with the opportunity to participate according to the same conditions.
  • Investigating and remedying shortcomings in accessibility.
  • During procurement procedures, making demands of environmental factors, premises, materials, products, and services in the areas of accessibility and usability.
  • Educating and providing information so that all members of the community are aware of what various people need in order to function satisfactorily.
  • Collaborating with disability organisations to improve knowledge and heighten awareness on how disability affects everyday life. In addition, cooperating with others to find solutions addressing the restrictions with which disabled people are faced.

Follow up

Measuring change

  • The proportion of the municipality's premises that are accessible to all.
  • Resources available for aids that give all people the opportunity to engage in dialogue and debate. Opportunities for the disabled to benefit from information intended for the general public.

Other follow-up

The distribution of resources – Independent follow-up of how the municipality's resources are distributed for initiatives aimed at making the lives of disabled people easier.

Response and service – What impression do users have of the municipality'sinitiatives regarding the disabled?

Accessibility – The citizen panel's surveys and independent surveys concerning the accessibility of municipal operations.


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