Gender equality

Overall objectives

Equal rights for women and men

Gender equality means giving women and men equal rights and opportunities with which to shape their lives. We are committed to creating municipal sectors whose work is consciously underpinned by the pursuit of equal opportunity. Our services are intended to be equally accessible, of an equal quality, and equally well adapted for all, regardless of gender.

Both women and men should be able to move about freely, in addition to feeling safe and secure. Moreover, it is a basic right not to be subjected to physical or mental violence from someone in a close relationship.

We envisage Växjö Municipality as an example to other municipalities and employers, in the area of equality. We plan working systematically and deliberately within all municipality committees and boards in order to reach our goals on gender equality.


Equal distribution of power and opportunity

  • To achieve an equitable distribution of power and influence between men and women.
  • Women and men should enjoy the same opportunities and conditions regarding education, work, and pensions.
  • Physical and mental violence in relationships is to be eradicated.
  • All services and activities provided to our citizens are intended to be of the same quality, regardless of gender.
  • Entrepreneurship among women is to be encouraged.


Measuring change

All statistics regarding individuals are to be analysed and presented according to gender.

  • The proportion of women and men studying at upper secondary school, university, and college.
  • The proportion of women and men in employment, aged between 20–64, according to branch of business and sector.
  • The median income from employment of men and women, aged between 20–64.
  • The proportion of men and women, aged between 20–64, who run their own business.
  • The proportion of women and men suffering from ill-health.
  • The proportion of fathers taking out parental leave.
  • The proportion of women and men sitting in the municipal council.
  • The proportion of women and men sitting in municipal committees and boards. Information is to be provided for members and replacements, as well as chairs and vice chairs. Figures are reported for every board and committee, as well as according to party affiliation.

Other follow-up

  • The distribution of resources – How are resources distributed among men and women, and boys and girls, in Växjö Municipality?
  • Response and service – Is the language used in written materials and reportsof proceedings gender-neutral? The service and response provided to our citizens is to be adapted according to the requirements and living conditions of both sexes.
  • Equality in handling and processing – Are women and men treated equallyin this respect? Are women and men assessed on the same basis regarding, for example, financial aid and home help?
  • Survey of citizens – This provides information concerning how men andwomen experience the municipality's services. To what extent can they influence and participate in decision-making?


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