Eldningsförbud i Växjö kommun

Länsstyrelsen har beslutat om eldningsförbud i Kronobergs län. Det råder extremt hög brandrisk i skog och mark.

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Sexual orientation

Overall objectives

Equal rights regardless of sexual orientation

The Municipality of Växjö is committed to a society characterised by diversity and respect for each other's differences.

Everyone should have the same rights, obligations, and opportunities– regardless of sexual orientation, transgender identity or expression. The services provided in the community should be equally accessible for all.

The Municipality of Växjö is committed to working actively to improve knowledge regarding conditions for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (the LGBT community). Municipal employees bear responsibility for adopting an open and respectful approach towards all citizens.


To increase knowledge

  • Courses covering the situation of the LGBT community are to be offered to all employees. These courses are designed to give municipal employees the tools needed to meet the service requirements of all citizens equally and fairly. They are also intended to increase knowledge concerning LGBT issues.

Follow up

Measuring change

  • The number of employees who have participated in an LGBT course.

Other follow-up

Surveys are carried out – in order to establish the Municipality of Växjö'slevels of service and response.

Scrutinise and analyse – plans and documents from the perspective ofissues concerning sexual orientation and transgender identity or expression.

Surveys, examinations, and analyses – conducted by independent analysts.

Levels of response and service – Do all of our citizens receive the sameresponse, regardless of sexual orientation, transgender identity or expression?


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