Art in the public domain contributes to creating an exciting and stimulating environment.

Some of the municipality's own efforts include the Växjö Art Gallery, the Växjö Art Site – an art pathway around the lake, the Lake Trummen Land Art, Studio Glass Street and Araby Art Site

The Växjö art gallery is a municipal art gallery that puts on exhibitions of Swedish and international artists. The goal is to be a meeting place where contemporary art is visible and discussed.

The Växjö Art Site is the town's art pathway that has received a great deal of attention. New works of art by local and international artists shall successively grow and create an inspirational and exciting environment in the areas around Lake Växjö and Lake Trummen (Lake Trummen Land Art).

Five works of art, so far: Phase 1 Durus and Mollis, phase 2 The Disco Ball, phase 3 the Drinking Tree, phase 4 In the shade of the Sun (a tribute to the diversity within the Municipality of Växjö) and phase 5, All are.

Public art in Växjö (map)


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