Eldningsförbud i Kronobergs län

Länsstyrelsen har beslutat om eldningsförbud i Kronobergs län. Det råder extrem hög brandrisk i skog och mark.

Stäng meddelande

Literary Växjö

The Municipality of Växjö has decided to prioritise the written word.

This has been done by the means of:

  • The Pär Lagerkvist prize of 100,000 SEK
  • The Fristad project for persecuted authors
  • Kronoberg's book fair
  • Investment in a library for the future
  • The House of Free Speech

Växjö has a strong profile within the written word with forerunners such as: Elin Wägner - Esias Tegner – Vilhelm Moberg - Carl von Linné - Peter Wieselgren. Contemporary authors: Katarina von Bredow - Johannes Anyuru - Ester Roxberg - Moa-Lina Croall.

Public libraries

There is a public town library and 8 branch libraries in Växjö municipality. It is always free to get a membercard and start borrowing books. You can also use public computers, read international magazines and search different kind of databases. 

The librarys is a place for searching and spreading knowledge and reguarly have different kind of lectures and events.

The house of free speech

  • Encourages dialogue, writing and debate. Ties together today's issues about freedom of speech with operations within the Municipality of Växjö.
  • The house of free speech is a pedagogic and pubic operation where freedom of speech and free expression is encouraged. This cultural meeting place shall encourage dialogue, writing and debate as well as tie together today's issues about freedom of speech with operations within the Municipality of Växjö.
  • Since 2012 Växjö has been a place of refuge for persecuted authors and journalists. It is part of the Culture and Leisure Services boards' operations as one of the municipality's efforts for free speech.

Literature prize in memory of Pär Lagerkvist

The prize is presented every other year to reward outstanding authorship in the spirit of Pär Lagerkvist.

  • Kristian Lundberg (2011)
  • Eva Ström (2013)
  • Lars Andersson (2015)


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