Växjö has been the host for a number of sporting events of both breadth and at elite level.

Sporting events:

  • The FF kick-off (the biggest indoor tournament for 7-a-side within women's football in the country)
  • Håckes Cup (one of the largest full contact 7-a-side indoor rugby tournaments in the world)
  • The Swedish figure skating championships
  • National contests in walking, boules, miniature golf, chess and much more.

In Växjö there are associations and clubs representing 63 of the 70 sports registered with the Swedish Sports Confederation. The Municipality of Växjö supports the rich club life that offers activities for so many within so many different areas.

Beautiful nature and close proximity to the many lakes provide wide ranging possibilities for recreation and outdoor activities.


Växjö is well known for its many driving forces and the newly built Arenastaden (The Arena City).

The variety of activities shows in the fact that 63 out of 70 of the Swedish Sports Confederation's clubs are active in Växjö. We have the hockey team Växjö Lakers and floorball's Vipers, Dänningelanda Table Tennis and Växjö Squash Club in the Swedish elite.

The Tennis Centre is known worldwide, a nursery for Swedish elite tennis. Athletics also has many medals thanks to, amongst others, Carolina Klüft.
Arenastaden – creates a unique, complete entity and collaboration

In Arenastaden you will find:

  • Training and competition arenas for a large number of sports closely adjacent to each other.
  • Arenastaden accommodates 15 different sports. A complete sporting area with completely new competition arenas for football, athletics, floor ball, ice hockey and gymnastics and more facilities are planned. There is also a High Performance Center here. For some time there have been several indoor and outdoor facilities for football, athletics, squash, badminton, boules, curling and figure skating.
  • Calculations have been made to increase the hall areas to keep pace with the increase in population in Växjö.
  • One of Sweden's best sports areas
  • Vida Arena – several figure skating Swedish Championships and international hockey and handball matches
  • Fortnox Arena – the flagship of Swedish floorball
  • Myresjöhus Arena – soon the ladies' national team's home ground?
  • Telekonsult Arena - the leading indoor athletics arena in Sweden
  • Gymnastics centre – visited by the whole of Sweden's gymnastics elite troop

Booking of facilities for training

Do you want to make a reservation of a gymnasium, Ice rink, football and more?
Call the municipality booking service at phone number 0470-410 00 during office hours (from 8 to 16).

Araby Park Arena - a different kind of arena

The facilities at Araby Park Arena are made both for culture and sport activities. And all activities are free to attend. This gives an oportunity to try out new activites.

  • Nearly 30 free of charge open activities every week.
  • All open activities are organised by associations/clubs and led by an experienced leader.


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