Civil marriage


You can suggest a date for the marriage. If you want a ceremony in the Municipal Offices, the ceremony should be on a weekday or a Saturday. The ceremony could be held in your home or at another venue, if the wedding officiant agrees. 

Wedding Officiant

If there is a particular wedding officiant that you prefer, you can contact that person directly, and then you inform the Contact center about what has been agreed. You can also first contact the Contact center, and a wedding officiant will be suggested for you. For ceremonies on weekends, a wedding officiant will be proposed from a fixed schedule. 


At the ceremony two witnesses should be present. They should be major of age. Please communicate names and addresses of witnesses to the Contact center in due time before the wedding. The Contact center can arrange witnesses for you if the ceremony is held on a weekday in the marriage room at the Municipal Office. 

Consideration of impediments to marriage

Before the marriage you have to apply for a Consideration of impediments to marriage (Hindersprövning) from the Swedish Tax Agency. Two documents will be issued, one certificate regarding ”Hindersprövning” and one certificate regarding the marriage ”Intyg Vigsel”. Those certificates are valid four months. You should send these certificates to the Contact center in due time, preferably two weeks, before the ceremony. 

According to Swedish law, there are three grounds for impediments to marriage:

  • If one of you is under 18 years of age.
  • If you are close relatives.
  • If one of you is already married (or registered partner according to the former law). 

If one of you is not a registered resident of Sweden (folkbokförd), the application for a Consideration of impediments to marriage should be accompanied by a certificate stating the marital status, issued by the state in which he och she is resident. If he or she has previously been engaged in marriage or registered partnership, a certificate is required proving that the marriage or partnership is dissolved. 

If neither of you is a Swedish citizen or a resident of Sweden, each one of you must show that he or she has no impediments to marriage, according to the jurisdiction of the home country. To confirm this, you should arrange a certificate from the competent authority in the home country showing that you have the right to marry each other. However, only a few countries that can issue such certificates. If you cannot obtain such a certificate, you should instead obtain a certificate from the competent authority in your home country stating rules for marriage in that country. 

Anyone who is not registered in Sweden must also make a personal visit to the Swedish Tax Agency, in order to prove their identity and citizenship. The passport is used for identity control. Citizens of an EEA state or Switzerland can instead use a national ID card where citizenship is mentioned. The visit can be made in connection with the application of Consideration of impediments to marriage.

Consideration of impediments to marriage issued in another Nordic country is also valid in Sweden. 


You should inform the Tax Agency which surname each of you will use after the marriage. You can do this in connection with your application for a Consideration of impediments to marriage. More information can be found the Tax Agency’s webpage (see link at the previous page in the column to the right).

Administrative fee

There is an administrative fee of 300 SEK for the civil ceremony. An invoice of this amount will be sent to you by the Contact center after the marriage. 

The ceremony

You should consider which text should be read during the ceremony. There are two alternatives, and both are translated into English. Will rings be exchanged at the ceremony? Please inform the Contact centerof your choices. If you have other requests for the ceremony you can discuss this directly with the wedding officiant.

Booking of the ceremony

When you have made up your mind regarding when and where you want to get married, you can contact the Contact center, at +46 470-410 00 or e-mail:  

Certificates from the Tax Agency should be sent to the Contact center at the following address: 
Växjö kommun
Box 1222
351 12 Växjö


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