Sustainable development

Växjö - the Greenest City in Europe, both a vision and ambition for the municipality. Broad cooperation on many levels, unanimous politicians and long term work around the environmental issues has been important in Växjö Municipality. Now Växjö focus to get a local sustainable development plan based on the UN Development Goals (also called Global goals and Agenda 2030) till next year.

Logotype European Green Leaf winner 2018 - Växjö.

Växjö got the European Green Leaf Award 2018

The European Commission has appointed Växjö the European Green Leaf Award 2018. Very good news and proof that Växjö really is one of Europe's greenest cities – thanks to everyone!

Växjö winner of European Green Leaf Award 2018

About European Green Leaf Awardlänk till annan webbplats

Earth Week

Växjö Municipality support WWFs symbolic climate manifestation Earth Hour, to turn off the lights for one hour. But Växjö has ambitious environmental targets and work. Therefore Växjö has a whole week with events, seminars, meetings, pop-up-park together during a whole "Earth Week". Thanks to everyone involved in Earth Week 19-24 March 2018! Next Earth Week in Växjö will be 25-30 March 2019, for more information (in Swedish) please visitänk till annan webbplats

Växjö in European board

Vice-Mayor (vacant, new name in February/March 2018) of Växjö take one place in a European board in February 2017. It is two networks that merges: Covenant of Mayors with the Compact of Mayors, together they form the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

The Växjö declaration

Different stakeholders appointed the Växjö Declaration during Earth Week 2015 with the message for the Swedish Government, European local authorities and Paris COP21. We have to act now!

For more information

Växjö Municipality have steering documents and information brochures, some translated into English.

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