”I am looking for Eye-contact in the traffic” is a traffic safety campaign promoting a positive attitude. The idea is: – If we can encourage people to think pretty much the same we can also decrease traffic accidents!

Since the year of 2001 Växjö Municipality works with a traffic safety campaign called “I am looking for Eye-contact in the traffic”. The Swedish Transport Administration was involved during the first three years.

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It is all about how we think and act


The traffic campaign runs throughout the media such as the local press, radio and TV. During wintertime reflector tags are available in the Municipality reception and the local schools.

The aim is to increase people’s positive attitude and traffic behaviour.
Increased traffic safety does not only depend on lower speed limits or on an increasingly amount of road bumps. Our goal is to decrease traffic accidents and make people more humble. It is all about how we behave – how we think and act in the traffic.


Successfully combined “hard” and “soft” traffic safety measures

During the past couple of years Växjö Municipality has successfully concentrated the work on the combination “hard” and “soft” traffic safety measures. To date, the Traffic Department has received four awards for the efforts undertaken in the city, e.g. with speeding limits of 30 km/hour.

Växjö Municipality is one of the few municipalities in Sweden who is fortunate to be able to work with traffic safety information. In the year of 2016 the campaign ”I am looking for Eye-contact in the traffic” celebrated fifteen years - and still is more to come!



Växjö - "The Greenest City in Europe"

"Växjö - The Greenest City in Europe" is the result of all measures undertaken within the City of Växjö. The aim is sustainable developement.

Please read more on our Website www.vaxjo.seöppnas i nytt fönster 


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