Växjö has most of the characteristics of a big city, apart from the distances. An embracing place, where you can fully be yourself. We offer a mix of old and new, sports and culture, pace and relaxation. But above all, we can offer balance.

In Växjö it is not only close to nature, here the nature begins in the city. A life-friendly place with both urban and rural areas, for those who want to enjoy life.

Växjö is a good place for companies. A university city in strong growth, with high expansion and full of doers. Here, it is easy to both establish and start new in a business world characterized by curiosity. In Växjö we rather say yes than no. Something that has contributed to Växjö being one of Sweden's largest IT-clusters. A creative force in an environment that believes in sustainable entrepreneurship and a long-term perspective - for both climate and business.

A keyword for Växjö is "close". Close to pace, culture and gastronomic discoveries. Close to peaceful nature and outdoor adventures. Here you will find several high-class restaurants, including the star of Guide Michelin, and the opportunity to experience one of Sweden's best hotel, according to White Guide. Close to town you will find four miles of trails that stretches through both urban and rural areas. Near town you will also find six lakes and three nature reserves with plenty of opportunities to cycle, run, walk or skiing.

A taste of Småland, for those who appreciate the good in life.


Senast uppdaterad: 18 August 2022