Transport plan

The growing city means more people and more goods will need to be transported on the same surface area of the city.

The fact that many transportations are made one person/one car, gives challenges regarding shortage of space, air pollutions and other disorders. Växjö therefore strives to switch to more efficient modes of transport, contributing to freeing capacity when you absolutely need to use a car.

Additional targets for Växjö are:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, other pollutants and noise caused by traffic.
  • Improved health, protection and road safety among citizens.
  • Increased cost-effectiveness of investment and operation of infrastructure and transport.

The solution to this is to create a more efficient and sustainable transport system, by:

  • Reduce the need for local travel and transport.
  • Transfer local transport trips from using car to walking, cycling and/or public transport.
  • Streamline the remaining car journeys and goods transport.
  • Promote a safer behavior among road users.
  • Transfer to more environmentally friendly vehicles and fuels.

The newly adopted transport plan will be facilitating process of solving the transport challenges of the city and contribute to fulfill the transport-related targets of both the master plan and the environmental program. The transportation plan includes 33 strategies and 52 actions in five strategic areas (sustainable vehicular, bicycle, walking, public transport and developed mobility management). The plan will guide the planning and implementation of the expansion to a more efficient and sustainable city.

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